15 Smoothies in 15 Days, Day 11: Green Spinach Smoothie

I have my blood glucose test and another ultrasound today, and I didn’t sleep very well last night (surprise, surprise), so I’m feeling particularly lazy and not creative. Therefore, here is a quick oldie, but a goodie. The Green Smoothie.

This one is just a base recipe, and I often add other things to it just for some fun and different flavor. Sometimes it’s berries, other times it’s pumpkin or carrots. I’ve substituted peanut butter for almond butter, or almonds for the almond butter. I’ve also substituted kale for the spinach. Regardless of what you do to this thing, it packs a serious, nutritional punch and is, actually, very delicious. Truthfully, I’ve made this without the cinnamon in it, but the cinnamon totally makes the smoothie. With the cinnamon, it just tastes like creamy goodness instead of, well, spinach and bananas.

(I put these in the freezer to eat in a pinch in case I’m too lazy to make an actual smoothie.)

Green Spinach Smoothie
Makes two 16-oz smoothies


-2 cups coconut milk
-2 bananas
-2 heaping spoonfuls of almond butter
-2 large handfuls (about 1/2 pre-washed package) baby spinach
-cinnamon to taste (I use LOTS of cinnamon!)
-ice cubes (unless you’re freezing it)


Put all of the ingredients in the blender and blend for a full minute or until spinach is fully blended. You may need to add some spinach then blend it down a bit, then add the rest before fully blending it.


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